Web Applications

A web application is just a piece of software that runs on a web server and is accessed by users through a browser. The term implies complexity beyond what is typical for a "website". Because of our strong software development expertise this level of web programming is our particular specialty.


Web applications are extremely powerful platforms for enabling business processes. Because they just use a browser to present the application's user interface they can be used from any computer with an browser and an internet connection. This alleviates the need install and maintain software on every client computer which save a lot of time and money.


These applications include really powerful, unique functionality and make it easily accessible over the internet:


eliteSES Pro

This web application is a comprehensive operations management solution for education services. It provides secure access for company management as well as instructors. By enabling everyone involved with operations to enter data directly into the database via this web application we have completely eliminated double-entry and enabled

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Forklift Training Pro Online

Forklift Training Pro Online

FTPOnline is a web application version of the industry leading OSHA-compliant forklift operator safety training solution offered by Forklift Training Pro, LLC. This application enables companies to perform legally required training cheaper and easier than any other commercially-available method.