We're not just experienced software people. We also know small business issues as well, having created several of our own and participated in the creation of others. One of the greatest, and most rewarding, challenges is creating a new business from nothing more than a vision.

We are always on the lookout for people with expertise in specific fields and an idea of how to do that work better. Software, and the internet, are powerful tools capable of making many visions a reality. You supply the idea, and we'll wield the tools.

plan / collaborate / execute

Prior to committing any significant amount of capital a thorough examination must be made of the existing market landscape. Are there already competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is not having the envisioned solution costing the market right now? Answers to all these questions, and more, must be found and used to estimate a venture's chances for success. The next step is creating a business plan to detail formation, financing, cash flow forecasts, and exit strategies.

This sort of attention to the details of practical entrepreneurship is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful venture. We have experience with this process and know how to

plan / collaborate / execute

Our many years of experience working with a variety of subject matter experts to develop software solutions based on their visions enables us to quickly get to know your business and share your vision. Collectively our technical principals have worked in many industries including, telecommunications, education, medical insurance, national defense, and more. We have accumulated a broad range of knowledge through past projects which may be applicable to your venture. In short, along with our core technology expertise, we also bring many other assets to any project.

plan / collaborate / execute

Our breadth of knowledge, which includes branding, business process analysis, software architectures, internet technologies, databases, and more makes us the perfect partners for any software- or internet-based venture. We can handle it all from market analysis and business planning, to building the solution and taking it to market.



eliteSES Website

eliteSES is a venture wholly owned and funded by the porteighty's technical principals. We began this project after identifying a niche market which was underserved and in need of the efficiency gains a modern web application could deliver.

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Forklift Training Pro Online

Forklift Training Pro Website

FTPOnline is a web application version of Forklift Training Pro's powerful forklift operator training desktop solution that we have developed in partnership with them. Our goal with FTPOnline is to provide more (and better) functionality than competitive online solutions at a fraction of their cost. Currently being beta tested this solution will be released to market in Q4 of 2009.