Systems Integration

Do you have two separate information systems that should be communicating with each other, but aren't? Are you spending many labor hours each cycle manually entering data from one system into another? Computers are supposed to make our lives simpler, easier, more efficient, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. One way this frequently occurs is when two slightly overlapping IT solutions lack the ability to communicate directly with each other. An HR system that doesn't update the employee table in your accounting system, a point-of-sale system that that doesn't subtract items from your inventory system… The possibilities for double entry and general confusion are infinite!

A systems integration solution from porteighty could be the answer! We offer free assessments of your systems to determine how difficult, and therefore costly, a systems integration solution would be. If you are needlessly spending labor dollars on manual, redundant, error-prone data re-entry every cycle, we can help plug that leak. You may be surprised how cheap it can be. Give us a call and find out.