At porteighty we focus on solving our customers' problems. To do that we work to combine a variety of technologies and our many years of experience building custom solutions, with our customers' knowledge of their own businesses.

Our philosophy

We know technology, you know your business. Together we can make your operation a success, no matter what industry you are in. The end goal is always a solution to whatever challenges are facing your organization. Some challenges simply can't be addressed with a technological approach, but we can handle anything that can be.

Our approach

The first step in any successful technology implementation is to develop a clear and complete list of the problems with the current operation, their impact on sales, costs, and time, and the desired resolution for each. We will work with you to perform this initial analysis. Once the analysis is complete we will design a solution for your review, including an estimation of the costs and the impact on your bottom line. Based on our solution design we

Solution types

We specialize in developing solutions in the following areas: