In the modern organization effective use of software can make all the difference between efficient operations and obsolescence. From your customer-facing website to your back office accounting and human resources operations, every piece of software in your organization can either be a help or a hindrance to achieving your goals. We can help ensure that the software your organization invests in really makes a positive difference.

Our Approach

One critical step in designing a solution to any problem is defining the problem, accurately and precisely. This sounds obvious but failure to do this is the source for most of the problems organizations experience with their information technology solutions. This is because seemingly insignificant details in the problem can have large repercussions in the implementation of the solution. For that reason we advocate a careful examination of the problem before designing and implementing the solution.

analyze / architect / build

Our projects begin with a comprehensive analysis of your situation that includes examining the current solutions, desired improvements, related systems, etc. We use this information to develop business process plans and software requirements analysis documents. These documents serve as the foundation for the development of effective software solutions.

analyze / architect / build

Solving today's problems just isn't enough when you are investing in software. Good software solutions should be able to be applied to tomorrow's problems as well. We try to anticipate how a problem may evolve over time so that the solution we develop remains effective. This extends the period of time that your software investment will pay dividends. We always seek to maximize the flexibility, maintainability, and extensibility of our solutions so that they last through careful and thorough systems architecture.

analyze / architect / build

Once careful planning has been performed the implementation of a solution is relatively simple and straightforward. However, this is really where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and we exercise great care to ensure that what we build is of the highest quality. We accomplish this by following industry-standard best practices for software development, such as, Agile development methodology, pair programming, and thorough unit and system testing.

Through a combination of careful and thorough analysis and planning and expert software development we can ensure that you get a truly effective solution while minimizing the costs and maximizing solution longevity.