Custom Software

Why invest in custom software?

As you innovate within your organization, and as the world around you changes, your information processing needs will change. You may find that as a result of these dynamics your current IT systems have become insufficient. When this happens it is time to upgrade them in order to remain competitive. If your industry is saturated with competitors there's a good chance that you will be able to find a worthy COTS solution. But what do you do when your own innovation has taken you so far off the beaten path that there simply is no sufficient COTS solution? Why, you develop the solution yourself… with our help, of course.

Just like any other improvement to your organization's infrastructure, custom software represents an investment in your future success. Custom software is often a terrific way to acquire a unique capability, and therefore a significant competitive advantage. However, it is the most expensive way to acquire software because the development costs are not spread across many users, as they are with simple commercial software and COTS products. Whenever we are engaged to develop custom software we first search to make sure there is no other, cheaper way to acquire the same solution. Once this has been established we proceed with a formal approach to developing your solution. This formal approach consists of a series of phases:

  1. Requirements analysis - where we determine exactly what the solution must do
  2. Design - we base a system architecture and user interface design on the requirements
  3. Implementation - turning the carefully planned vision into a reality
  4. Testing - verification that what we have built actually meets your needs
  5. Deployment - integrating the new solution with your existing organization
  6. Support - we are always available to help resolve any issues you may have

Why do we use this formal, step-wise approach? Quite simply, because it is the only way to ensure that your money is well spent, which is always our first priority.