COTS Products

Choose wisely

“Commercial Off-The-Shelf” solutions are frequently the most cost effective and fully featured answer to common business problems. But if there is one that appears to meets your needs, it's quite likely there are more. How do you know which solution is best for you organization? porteighty can help you evaluate the different products to select the optimum solution for your needs.

Deploy carefully

COTS products frequently have extensive network and hardware infrastructure requirements. This infrastructure must be carefully specified and installed prior to the actual deployment of the COTS software, in order to ensure its proper functioning. Without the proper attention to deployment details a COTS solution can fail to meet expectations. With our technical expertise we can help you make sure this step is done effectively.

Customize successfully

A successful COTS deployment doesn't always end with the standard installation. You may have to tailor it to fit your organization's particular needs. We apply the same care to this effort that we do to all of our custom software development projects. Our formal, results-oriented approach to customization will ensure you get the most out of your investment in a COTS solution.