Content Management Systems

Content management systems (CMS) are data-driven web applications that contain prebuilt functionality, such as forums, online stores, blogs, etc. Using a CMS for your website allows us to provide your website with this type of functionality without incurring the cost of developing it from scratch.

Depending on your needs we may suggest an approach based on one of the top CMS's that we specialize in: DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Each one of these systems offers advantages for particular needs, and among them they cover just about every possible situation.


Using CMS systems for our clients enables us to provide more functionality in less time. This is particularly useful for sites which are based around blogging or community features such as these:

New Mexico State Soccer Association

NMSSA needed a site that would enable them to communicate with all of the leagues, coaches, refs and players in the state. This meant that we needed a long list of functionality including an events calendar, articles, file sharing, photo galleries, and more.

By basing our solution on Drupal we were able to give them everything they wanted at the cost they could afford.

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pomXpress Website

pomXpress is a manufacturer of a pomegranate juicing machine. They need to promote their invention as well as make online sales. Because the device is so heavy we had to integrate UPS's online tools in order to calculate the shipping charges. We also integrated PayPal's merchant services in order to conduct the actual transactions. We used DotNetNuke for this site because it is easy to theme as well as develop custom functionality.

Aroma Celebration

Aroma Celebration is a blog regarding therapeutic essential oils. Since the primary purpose of the site is the blog articles we chose WordPress as the platform. We customized the look and feel and added events and links functionality, and presto!